Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Cooler Fire at Bakery

This cooler fire happened in the lobby of the Flour Mill Bakery in Rossville, IN. The fire started sometime in the early morning, but luckily a staff member arr... READ MORE

Attic Fire

This attic in Frankfort, IN was the aftermath of a small attic fire. The damage of the fire and water that put out the fire made us have to demo and rebuild som... READ MORE

Electrical Fire Cleanup

This client of our called us with an electrical box fire that thankfully didn't do to much damage with the flames of the burning fire. But that is just the thin... READ MORE

House Fire Sealed

One major issue after a residential fire is sealing it correctly and properly removing all contaminants. Luckily for you, your local SERVPRO in Boone and Clinto... READ MORE

Car Fire Lighting House On Fire

It's always a sad and terrible thing when something unexpected happens to your family's home. Arriving on seen of a car catching on fire and igniting the house ... READ MORE

Loft Fire

This family’s home suffered from a fire caused by an electrical fire. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but SERVPRO of... READ MORE