Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Furnished Basement Flood

This flooded basement in Zionsville, IN was the result of a failed sump pump. When this customer got home from vacation, he found 6 inches of water standing thr... READ MORE

Bathroom remodel

This before and after picture is of a bathroom for one of our customers in Zionsville, IN. She wanted us to redo the whole bathroom for her after she had some w... READ MORE

Basement Leak

A water leak in the basement is not something you want to wake up to or even deal with, no one does. That is why this client of ours trusted us and our technici... READ MORE

Sewage Loss

This flooded restroom located in Lafayette, IN was a result of a sewage backup, which led to flooding. As you can see in the photos there was still some standin... READ MORE

Pipe Burst Under Kitchen Floor

At first glance of the "before" picture, most homeowners would think it can never look the same as it once was. Luckily for this home owner our response time an... READ MORE

Water Damage in Zionsville from a Pipe Burst

This water damage to the ceiling was caused by a burst pipe from a bathtub in the level above. Water was running out the recessed lights and drywall was falling... READ MORE