Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Frito Lay Cleaning

These pictures are from a part of the Frito Lay facility that we do yearly cleanings at. As the RAMS move throughout the rows to get chips, some parts of the wo... READ MORE

Commercial Clean

This Frito Lay facility in Frankfort, IN called us to come in and clean their corn mill while their employees were off for the weekend. We took in a couple lift... READ MORE

Commercial Fungus Removal

Commercial properties tend to have fungus appear from time to time. Due to the large space it is hard to manage every aspect of the building and figure out wher... READ MORE

Commercial Remediation

To our fellow commercial property leases and or owners, here at the Boone and Clinton Counties SERVPRO we continue to strive to make our commercial clients comf... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial clients are always asking us to go above and beyond with their work that require us. We continue to strive to always continue to grow our outreac... READ MORE

Commercial Property Bathroom Leak

Owning a commercial property is a great investment but also a stressful thing to manage. Protect your great investment with the right back up and the best busin... READ MORE