Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Burnt door from fire

Fire Damage

This is the aftermath of a house fire that left a good portion of the house charred. The was significant smoke and soot damage. We responded and had all contents removed that the customer wanted out and things demoed. The owner could not be more thankful for everything that we did and the timely manner that we did it in. He was also thankful that we were able to answer all the questions that he had and that we kept him updated on everything that we had done. We are always available and make it "Like it never even happened."

Burnt wall after a fire

Aftermath of Fire

This is the aftermath of a fire that took out a good portion of the house. When we arrived, there was significant damage done to multiple walls, floor and ceiling. We got it all taken care of and the owner thought we would be there longer than we were. We are always available, give us a call (765) 659-9600.

Fire Damage

Assessing The Damage

Assessing the damage after a fire and understanding what can stay and go is one element to many that we and our technicians understand at SERVPRO. Trust us, the professionals.

Black Soot

Removing Soot

The worst thing after a fire that doesn't do too much damage is the remains of the soot and the odor. Our technicians our professionals at doing so and pride themselves on doing it correctly.

Fire Clean Up

Removing Contaminated Items From Fire

Removing and replacing the contaminants from a fire is one of the many jobs we do here at SERVPRO. If you are ever faced with a house fire in Boone and Clinton Counties make sure you give us a call!

Fire Damage

Residential Fire Damage

A house fire is nothing anyone wants to deal with or go through. Here at SERVPRO we pride ourselves on making things "Like it never even happened." Call us today at (765) 659-6900.