Storm Damage Photo Gallery

water in a basement

Storm Water Loss

This was the aftermath of a storm that went through the Zionsville area. The sump pump got over worked and shut off for a short period of time. After contacting us and telling us what had happened, we had the customer tap on the sump pump and of course it came back on. The owners were pleased with our fast arrival and knowledge of everything. We were able to get the floor and all contents that were on the ground dried in just a couple of days.

A basement flooded due to storm

Sump Pump Malfunction

This was the aftermath of a basement in Zionsville. There was a lot of water in the basement due to the sump pump being overworked by the storm that night. The owner called us and we were there within the hour to start mitigating and start the drying process. The owner was very pleased with our professionalism and knowledge. All of his questions were answered and he was at ease when our technicians left the house. We not only fix the problems, we also educate about everything that is going on.

Hole in roof from tree falling

Tree Falls Due to Storm

This is the aftermath of a tree falling on top of a house during a storm. Luckily no one was in the room that the tree impacted and everyone was okay. Our team responded and got everything taken care of. The owners praised us for our professionalism and timeliness throughout the whole process. SERVPRO of Boone & Clinton Counties are here when you need us and will respond any day, anytime. Give us a call (765) 659-9600.

Hail Storm

Hail Storm

This client of ours called us after a massive wind and hail storm. If you ever go through a storm and witness damage. SERVPRO is here to help every step of the way. 

Wind Storm

Tree Fell Through Roof

Getting a call from a client after a storm is never a good thing. Luckily for this client the only thing that was hurt was a tree and her roof.

Roof Leak

Roof Leak After A Storm

This client of ours called us after a tornado storm struck our area after wind had torn the roof and caused leaking throughout the house. Call us today at (765) 659-9600.

Water Damage from Storm

Crawl Space Flooding from Storm

Crawl spaces are notorious moisture catchers when it comes to storms and floods. This client called us after a long rain storm and flooding down in their crawl space. Call us today!